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Touch ID Problem

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Touch ID Problem

Fingerprint sensors are fast, secure, and widely used on lots of devices including Android and iOS. Fingerprint sensor (Touch ID in iOS) is used for multiple purposes as a security solution.

Secret codes are the best way to keep your data safe and confidential. Every person has a unique secret code on their fingers that can’t match anyone. This makes the fingerprint sensor more reliable and easier to use. Even most branded cell phones have technical issues, which are nerve-wracking problems especially if you are in a hurry and your fingerprint sensor is not responding.

This article will give you several concise and proven methods to fix fingerprint sensor not working so don’t miss out!

Possible Causes for Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

Here are some common reasons why fingerprint recognition does not work well. Let’s scroll down to find out if you belong to one of these situations.


  1. Liquid or dirt on your fingers
  1. Injured or scarred figures
  1. The fingerprint scanner is wet or dry
  1. Software Bug
  1. Fingerprint hardware is not available

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