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More often than not, people face issues with their cellular network. Sometimes the problem is related to voice calls, and sometimes it is with the internet. The users face network issues not just limited with one or two telecom operators, but all of them. There are many things that you can do to resolve the problems which you are facing with your network. Be it voice calling or internet issues; there is a fix for everything. So if you want to know how you can fix these problems by yourself, keep reading ahead.

What Causes the Cellular Unavailable Error?

When you see the error on your Android or iOS smartphone, your device likely won’t make or receive calls. Perhaps you can’t receive texts or access the internet without a WiFi connection. The error doesn’t always affect SMS or Data activity, but sometimes it does, and this is quite telling.

Having no cellular service at all can be as simple as there is no connection where you are. If you’re traveling to a new area, check your carrier’s coverage map. You may be too far away from the nearest tower (or the tower is blocked by the terrain) to get a proper signal.

Another issue that causes a smartphone to disconnect from the cellular signal completely is a region-wide outage. You can quickly check for this problem by visiting the Down Detector website and typing in your Carrier’s name. If there are outage reports in your area, you will see them here.

Lastly, hardware damage can cause issues with calling. If your device has physical and liquid damage, part of the motherboard may cause the problems. Even if the damage took place a long time ago, but the problem is new; the internals may have corroded leading to a loss of function.

However, if making phone calls is the only problem, there is another issue entirely. That’s what we’ll cover in more detail below.

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