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Here’s how to DIY replace a damaged phone screen display. You don’t have to pay for smartphone repairs if you break the screen!

As mobile phone displays are much tougher than they used to be, it seems like they’re indestructible. Sadly, they’re not. Dropping your phone can often break the display. Your phone can no longer be considered useful.

Want to replace a damaged smartphone display? It’s a relatively cheap and straightforward process. Here’s how to do it.

Cracked your mobile phone display? Dropped it in the street, or crushed it playing football? Sat on it, even? You know by now that you’ve given yourself a headache. Can the phone be repaired, and if so, what are the costs?

Many services available online and locally will repair your mobile phone, for a price. But if you have access to the parts and they’re inexpensive, why not perform the procedure yourself?

You should also consider the non-monetary costs: time spent without a phone, data that needs archiving from the device. Hopefully your mobile platform’s cloud service can help here, or perhaps a desktop utility can check the phone’s contents.

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